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    35 ABC Kids' Shows That Will Unlock Memories For Aussies Born In The '90s

    All us non-Foxtel kids knew that ABC was the place to be.

    1. Cyberchase


    I'm going to make a bold call and say that this had the best theme song of any kids' shows. Also, it made maths fun β€” and coming from me, someone who repeatedly failed maths, that says a lot. Iconic!

    2. Arthur


    Arthur was simply the MVP of childhood TV. He did it all β€” he had the catchy song, he had the annoying sister and he had the life lessons. He taught us the library was fun and he was right. I miss you, buddy.

    3. Silversun


    Silversun felt like a fever dream β€” especially since almost no images or videos of it can be found on the internet. Either way, I remember being glued to the TV whenever this show came on.

    4. Brum


    Brum was the best. He went on so many little adventures, had the most mischievous face and was a pleasure to watch. I'd love a car like him now, tbh.

    5. Lizzie McGuire


    Lizzie McGuire was the blueprint for my personality and I know that I am not alone. She was the ultimate '00s girl and let's not forget her little cartoon sidekick that said all the sassy things we wanted to say. I love her.

    6. Tiny Planets


    I think Bing and Bong were created solely to soothe us β€” and it worked! These two guys were so wholesome, the song so gentle and the storyline so calming.

    7. Pingu


    I couldn't tell you what happend in a single episode of Pingu, but my memory recall of the "noot noot" is unparalleled. The penguin was a staple of every afternoon, just nooting about, doing god knows what.

    8. Animorphs


    If you have nightmares as an adult, I promise you, it's because of Animorphs. What an absolutely bonkers idea for a kids' TV show β€” and yet, we lapped it right up. Plus, you're lying if you say you've never thoughts about what animal you'd change into.

    9. The Adventures of Blinky Bill


    I learned all my Aussie slang from this show. Blinky and his friendly little gang were a bright spot of TV viewing, very rarely creepy and always entertaining.

    10. Angela Anaconda


    We can all, 100%, recite the words to the opening number of this show. Oh Angela, what a treasure. She was sassy in all the ways I aspired to be. Also, what a creative way to animate!

    11. Sesame Street


    This show is so iconic, my boyfriend even has Sesame Street tattoos. And all for good reason. It taught us about blended families, death and even racism at a really young age. Also, Elmo is king of puppets, no contest.

    12. Round the Twist


    What is there to say about this absolute masterpiece that hasn't been already said? It had small town drama, family drama and fish penis drama. Nothing could surprise us on this show, not even when a tree got pregnant. Plus, the only guaranteed way to find an Aussie in the wild is to sing the opening bars of the theme song and see who responds.

    "Have you ever, ever felt like this?"

    13. Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids

    ABC Kids

    Quite simply, this show was nothing short of harrowing. Despite how utterly terrified it made us, we just kept watching? Seriously, where were our parents when this was on?

    14. Horrible Histories


    Any show that tricked us into learning was amazing and Horrible Histories was the best example. It made history, a sometimes very dull subject, seem so freaking interesting.

    15. Tracey McBean

    ABC Kids

    This show was so quintessentially Aussie and that's what made it beautiful. Is there anything more relatable than your entire family yelling out your name because they are annoyed at you? I think not.

    16. The Saddle Club


    Would it really be an article about kids' TV shows if I didn't mention literally the best one of all time? The Saddle Club should be taught in schools β€” the friendship, the drama, the horses; all of it, a masterpiece. Anytime anyone sings "Hello world, this is me", I'm ready to rewatch the whole show.

    17. Postman Pat


    "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat." What a catchy, catchy tune. Who knew a show about a man in the postal service would be so popular?

    18. Play School


    This show is the pride and joy of Australia. They would read us stories, teach us how to make things with pipe cleaner and sing us all the classic hits. Also, many of us immigrant kids learned English through Play School. Thanks forever, Big Ted.

    19. Thomas and Friends


    Of all the TV shows we watched as kids, Thomas and Friends was the most serious. Yes, the themes were the same as the rest, but somehow, it just had a more sombre tone. Still great, though.

    20. Teletubbies


    Was I the only one who was creeped out by these giant plush things? There was literally a giant baby in the sky, that was also the sun? Truly a wacky concept.

    21. The Fairly OddParents


    Let's not kid ourselves, Timmy lived the absolute dream. While he constantly got himself in trouble, he still had fairy godparents! Every single character in this show was so funny.

    22. Degrassi: The Next Generation


    I was definitely too young to watch this show a lot of the time and yet, it was an absolute staple. I'd turn down the TV so my parents wouldn't know what I was watching β€” I just needed to know if Jimmy would be ok.

    23. Noddy's Toyland Adventures


    While I know he's recently had a revamp, there is still nothing like our original little dude. As children, we could be found yelling "What in tarnation?" purely thanks to him.

    24. Jeopardy


    What is there to say about Jeopardy except what the fuck? The handheld footage, the hunt for aliens, the Scottish students in the Australian outback β€” I have no answers, only questions.

    25. The Wild Thornberrys


    As an older sister, Debbie was my idol. I was also really scared of animals, lol. My sister, on the other hand, felt the spirit of Eliza within her, as I know most kids did. Honestly, this show was absolutely fantastic and I'd watch it again in a heartbeat.

    26. Martin Morning

    ABC Kids

    This show is an underrated masterpiece and I won't hear otherwise. Think about this, every single morning Martin woke up β€” he was a different person! As adults, this would make us have an existential crisis, but as kids it was fantastic!

    27. Bounty Hamster


    This show was phenomenal and I am so sorry if you missed out on it somehow. It had missing fathers, space pirates and a bounty hamster with a catchphrase. One season was not enough, bring back Bounty Hamster!

    28. The Worst Witch


    As the generation that grew up with Harry Potter, magic was a big deal to us, and the The Worst Witch was seriously just as good. I wanted to go to Cackle Academy so badly!

    29. Cybergirl

    Network Ten / ABC

    Let me set the scene. It's 2002, Spider-Man has just come to cinemas. Every superhero is a boy and American β€” until, a heroine emerges in the Australian classic Cybergirl. Shown on both Network 10 and the ABC, this blue wigged goddess was an inspiration.

    30. Bananas In Pyjamas


    Since our childhood, Bananas In Pyjamas has had a sacrilegious reboot and are now all animated. But nothing will top adults dressed up as giant bananas, clumsily walking down some stairs.

    31. Bear In The Big Blue House


    Do you ever just look at the moon and think about Bear In The Big Blue House? This was an incredibly gentle show, with wholesome themes and stories. Bless you, Bear.

    32. Atomic Betty


    Atomic Betty was a powerful queen and there is no denying that. One minute she was out shopping, the next she was in her little superhero outfit, which was absolute goals. Atomic Betty was the powerful female role model we needed.

    33. Madeline


    A lifelong love of Paris and hats was started for us with Madeline. I think a lot of us wished we could live in that old house in Paris, covered in vines, but we didn't realised it would mean we would be orphans. Anyway, this show was the best.

    34. Blue Water High


    Have I ever surfed? No. Will I ever surf? Probably not, but that didn't stop the Blue Water High obsession I know we all had. A group of attractive teens living in a house together, surfing day in and day out? That was our Australian dream.

    35. And finally, The Wiggles


    Is this Australia's biggest and best export? Absolutely. Just four dudes in skivvys, singing about a big red car. This was simply unmissable watching for all Aussie kids.

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