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Yiking Is The New Dance Craze Out Of The Bay Area Y'all Are Gonna Be Doing

Go on, shake it like a Red Nose. A Red Nose pitbull, that is.

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This is Sage the Gemini, a rapper from Fairfield, CA, whose song "Red Nose" is leading the latest dance craze out of the Bay Area, called yiking.

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Yiking involves dancing with a partner, shifting your weight from side-to-side, but that's really only the simplest definition.

According to these yiking experts, it's "extreme twerking."

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"[Yiking is] twerking's big fucking brother," says one guy in the instructional video. "If you only got a little bit of booty and you can't control it, then just stick to twerking. Don't even step over here, don't even bring it over here," he warns.

Though yiking's been around for a bit, it's been blowing up online thanks to Sage's "Red Nose" song and video.

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And while you might think it's somehow a reference to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...

... The line "Shake it like a red nose" is actually a reference to the way Red Nose Pitbulls shake their heads.

In an interview with Sway on Sway In The Morning, Sage said he was thinking for a way to say "booty-shaking" without saying "booty-shaking," and the result is an extremely catchy hook that's made for dancing.

"It's a very positive movement that's going on in the Bay Area right now," Sage said in an interview with Sway. "It's sorry to say, but they don't want to put that in the media right now." (Don't worry, Sage; I'm from the Bay, I got you.)

"It'll be a blessing [for the media] to put, like, 'Oh, the kids are dancing instead of shooting.' But instead they're like, 'Oh my god, they're dancing,'" he said.

And though the dance looks risqué to some, Sage stresses that it's all in good, clean fun — for all ages.

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"I can't explain to everyone on Twitter that it's not really about [being sexual]," Sage told Sway. "We've got kids, grandmas and everyone watching this. If it was based off in the strip club, how many 80-year-olds would be on Vine doing the dance?"

It's true.

Even babies and little kids are getting in on the action!

You can yike on top of a bathroom counter...

... On top of your bed...

... In a sweatshirt...

What the...??

(All right, maybe this isn't yiking, but how could I not include this?)

... or with some help from your friends.

You can even be preggers.

You can be literal about it...

...or virtual.

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If you're too shy for real life, I guess??

You can mix it up with other dance styles, like a little reggaeton.

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You can sing beautiful harmonies while you do it.

Even Kelly Rowland's on board with the "Red Nose"!

So, grab a dance partner, a wall, some poultry — whatever you can find! — and get your yike on, already.
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