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Proof That European Rave Fashion Is Better Than American Rave Fashion

But are Americans having more fun?

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1. Flower crowns in Europe are delicate and cute.

But in America, you want to BE the flower. Embody the flower. The crown is just the cherry on top.

2. BFFs in Europe like to get their color contrast on.

In the Sates, people like to get REALLY matchy-matchy. No one can touch this level of coordination.

3. European couples keep things in chill in denim.

But festivals in America call for couples to bust out their best coordinating Kermit costumes.

11. Europeans just need the love in their hearts to enjoy the music.

While Cali ravers wear their hearts on their sleeves (or arms, in this case).

12. European signs have a certain to-the-point quality.

Whereas American signs are unabashed displays of unrestrained joy.

14. But really, whether you wanna keep it chic and comfy or wear all the kandi you can possibly fit on your arms (and face)...

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