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    How Spotify Can Totally Betray You

    Sometimes you think you're listening to showtunes in private, only to discover that all your Facebook friends now know you really, really love Annie.

    Spotify is really great.

    Even if sometimes it likes to make your life really awkward.

    But it's perfect for those songs you secretly love but might not want to shell out money for.

    They do have a feature that will allow you to listen to your songs in private.

    But a lot of people don't know or don't care to use it.

    Or you forget.

    So you end up getting caught listening to Bruno Mars on repeat.

    Which gives the rest of your friends license to judge and mercilessly call out your musical tastes.

    Sometimes you just really want to listen to your "Princess Songs" playlist in peace, you know?

    Maybe English boy bands and Sasha Fierce really get you through the work day.

    Or you really need to belt it out to Les Mis drunkenly on the train.

    Or you genuinely like to Rick Roll yourself.

    But sometimes your guilty pleasures can reconnect you with long-lost friends!

    And, really, we're all just 12-year-olds on Spotify.

    In short...

    So don't worry.