15 Recipes Created By Your Favorite Musicians

Now we can all eat like 2 Chainz, Beyoncé, or Lady Gaga.

1. 2 Chainz’s Crab Cakes With Mango Salsa


Step one in 2 Chainz’ crab cakes recipe is an important one: “Position yourself in a room surrounded by a handful of TVs playing Sportscenter with the sound off.” As you do.

Find the full recipe at ABC.

2. Beyoncé’s Easy Guacamole


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Proof that EVERYONE loves guacamole — even Beyoncé.

View the full recipe at Yahoo!.

3. Rick Ross’ Tilapia With Cheese And Broccoli

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Ricky Rozay says it’s the one thing he can make — but it’s a resourceful one!

View Rick Ross’ full description of how he prepares his tilapia at Bon Appetit.

4. Lady Gaga’s Secret Meatball Gravy Sauce

Danny Moloshok / Reuters



The secret to Lady Gaga’s gravy sauce (which accompanies the Germanotta family’s special meatball recipe) is a “ton of olive oil” and a “smack of garlic” crushed up in your own hands. Very DIY, as you would expect.

Lady Gaga revealed her recipe during a radio interview with Z100 in 2011.

5. Barbra Streisand’s Instant Coffee Ice Cream

Parallax Publishing Company



From the book Singers & Swingers In The Kitchen, Babs’ recipe features 24 marshmallows (!!) and is the perfect dessert to accompany her other favorite foods — “hot dogs” and “pheasant.”

View the full recipe at Black Book.

6. Celine Dion’s Stuffed Vine Leaves

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Some Mediterranean fare is the perfect meal to accompany a day at her $72 million water park mansion, after all.

Find the the full recipe at the Loukoumi website.

7. Rolling Stones’ “Hot Dogs On The Rocks

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According to a 1967 cookbook called Singers & Swings In The Kitchen, “it would be hard to find a skinnier batch of boys anywhere, which is not easy to believe when you watch them eat Hot Dogs on the Rocks, their favorite American dish.” Apparently Mick Jagger is responsible for the potatoes and franks, while Charlie Watts added the beans.

Find the full recipe at Black Book.

8. Miles Davis’ Chili Con Carne

Miles Davis/



Miles Davis’ biography includes a recipe for his favorite chili con carne, which lists all the ingredients with not a single direction as to how to prepare it, save for, “Serve over linguine.” Jazz musicians improvise, after all.

Recipe comes from So What: The Life of Miles Davis, by John Szwed.

9. Justin Timberlake’s Granny’s Coconut Cake

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Lucy Nicholson / Reuters


The secret ingredient to Justin’s Grandma Sadie’s coconut cake is the sour cream. Never. Enough. Sour. Cream.

Find the full recipe at People.

10. Jenny Lewis’ “Tastes Like Chicken Tofu

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Because OF COURSE Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) has the perfect recipe for tofu that tastes like chicken.

Find the full recipe at Cooking With Rock Stars

11. Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls’ “Pasta Ceci

A recipe created by her sister Laura and her partner Tracey, Ray says this pasta dish has become a family tradition. Bonus: it’s super easy!

Find the full recipe at Paste.

12. Moby’s Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

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Izy Hossack/BuzzFeed


Moby’s been vegan for over 20 years, which means he’s had lots of time to perfect his vegan pancake recipe. He recommends you serve it with vegan sausage and fresh berries. Yumm.

Find the full recipe at Epicurious.

13. Miranda Lambert’s Meatloaf

The Associated Press



Miranda Lambert requests her mama’s meatloaf for her birthday dinners, and reveals that the secret is to get down and dirty by mixing all the ingredients with your hands. And when in doubt, fry or add cheese!

Find the full recipe at Taste of Home.

14. Freddie Mercury’s Chicken Dhansak


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Freddie Mercury’s longtime personal assistant Phoebe posted this recipe on the singer’s website, explaining that it combined the drier curry meat dish and dal, which was a favorite “moistening accompaniment” of his.

View the full recipe at Freddie Mercury’s official website.

15. Snoop Dogg’s 8-Layer Dip

All you need to make Snoop’s creation is store-bought 7-layer dip (yep), fried chicken wings, and a LOT of oregano. Just pour it all on there.

See the full video on The Ad Show YouTube channel.

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