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    Just A Whole Lot Of Thirsty Koalas

    Get ready to never look at koalas the same way again.

    Hello, I have an important thing to talk about. Is it just me, or does every koala look really thirsty?

    Oh, come on. You're telling me you don't see it?

    It's in the eyes:

    This koala just subtly winked when you walked past her.

    This old bloke waved at you when you caught him staring.

    "HEY SWEETIE YOU WANT A PIECE?" — this thirsty baby bear.

    This one has been watching you eat from the next table for about 30 minutes.

    Anyway, sorry to switch gears on you so suddenly, but I couldn't find any more photos of thirsty koalas. Let's talk about something serious for a minute.

    There's a situation in Australia. The heatwaves are making Koalas actually die of thirst.

    According to a researcher at Sydney University, due to the hot and dry conditions, eucalyptus leaves are no longer meeting koalas' hydration needs and the bears are looking elsewhere for water.

    But they're not finding water, and they're collapsing and dropping out of trees, and they're not surviving the fall.

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    Valentina Mella has paired up with a farmer in Gunnedah to install drinking stations in the region, and to continue research into how to help local koala populations.

    If you want to help get those thirsty lil' drop bears hydrated again, you can donate to the thirsty koala project here.

    Thanks for reading.