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    16 Incredible Dance Moves For The Non-Dancer

    A loving dedication to the ungraceful.

    Fact: some people can dance.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Regular humans just can't do things like this.

    But don't be disheartened, regular humans. We are here to help.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    Follow these simple moves and you'll be a dance genius in no time.

    Here's your soundtrack.

    GMC / Virgin / Via

    Are you feeling this beat?

    Warner Bros / Via

    Here we go!

    1. First, a gentle floor tap.

    Park and Cube / Via

    2. And now a gentle air punch.

    3. Try "The French Girlfriend"

    4. "The 19th Century Oil Painting"

    Whistler / Tate Collectives / Via

    5. "The Magazine Cover"

    Vogue / Via

    6. Onto "The Languid Office Twist"

    7. And now, "The Sliding Wizard"

    8. The "I'm Crazy, Nah Just Kidding I'm Totally Not"

    Prithvi Pictures / Via

    9. "Celebration Arms"

    Mirimax Films / Via

    10. "Robot Hips"

    Universum Film / Via

    You're doing great! Let's advance a level.

    Great American Films Limited Partnership / Via

    11. Try "This Butt Thing"

    Columbia / Via

    12. Get some plants involved why not!

    Ayla Smith / Via Buzzfeed

    13. "The Passionate Conductor"

    Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Via

    14. "Stomping On A Spider"

    NBC Productions / Via

    15. Finish with an "Invigorating Street Twirl"...

    RT Features / Via

    16. ...and a "Dramatic Dust Toss"

    See? You've totally got this.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    You're ready to dance in public now.

    PVR Pictures / Via

    Off you go, tiny dancer. Make us proud!