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Brits And Americans Try Bog Snorkelling For The First Time

Not that kind of bog.

Britain is home to a wide range of weird, outrageous traditions. One of those is a sport known as bog snorkelling.

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Now if you're a Brit who has never heard of bog snorkelling, don't worry, because you're about to find out a whole lot more about it.

To deep-dive into this tradition, Ed from BuzzFeed UK took his (slightly unwilling) American pal, Amanda, to Wales, to compete head-to-head in an actual bog snorkelling race.

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Where else would bog snorkelling take place, but in Wales?

But hold up – what exactly are bogs, anyway?

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Bogs are wetlands that accumulate dead plant material. Bog conditions make optimal homes for a number of animal, fungal and plant species, including: frogs, eels, and sea scorpions.

So, now that we understand bogs, let's take a look into the sport of bog snorkelling itself.

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Amanda and Ed enlisted the help of Dave, a bog snorkelling event organiser, to give them the lowdown.

Bog Snorkelling started in 1986, and there is a championship held every year in Wales.

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The current world record is 1 minute, 18.82 seconds.

The rules are that you have to swim two lengths of a 60-yard trench with a mask and a snorkel. The twist? You aren't allowed to do any recognisable swimming strokes.

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Your killer breastsroke won't save you here.

After learning a few tips from bog snorkelling enthusiast, Jenny, Ed and Amanda decided to take the plunge for themselves.

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Proper attire is a must for bog snorkelling.

Want to see how Ed and Amanda faired in their competition? Can a (grossed out) American beat a Brit at their own game? Check out the below video to watch the race in action!

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