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    17 Dogs That Need A Bigger Bed

    Sleeping arrangements can be complex.

    1. Because the cat took its bed.

    2. Or a kitten did.

    3. It's survival of the fittest.

    4. Or you learn to squeeze in.

    5. At least keep your bottom warm.

    6. This one just needs to learn how to sleep like a dog.

    7. Some dogs do like small spaces.

    8. Sometimes there are too many abed.

    9. Way too many.

    10. One will always fall out.

    11. This one thinks he's still a puppy.

    12. And puppies don't know any better

    13. This dog was just trying to make some more space.

    14. This dog decided two beds are better than one.

    15. That table will be too small by next week.

    16. A dog can be too big for your bed.

    17. Oh wait... that's not a dog.