13 Animals You’ve Kept Waiting

Don’t be selfish. Have you ever thought how it must feel like to be a panda and wait for some human being? Clearly, you have not.

1. You done yet? I need to use the bathroom.

2. You said you’d only be a minute getting the ladder.

My feet are frozen.

3. I told you to put your dirty socks in the laundry hours ago.

4. Can I check my email now?

5. You’re not working, you’re chatting on Facebook.

6. You said there would be a picnic.

7. Let me know when you’re done watching TV.

8. I fell asleep waiting for you.

9. Hey, where’s that beer?

10. Where’s the waitress?

Isn’t anyone going to clear this table? I want the check. I also want a glass of water.

11. I’ve been waiting for my share of memes.

Move over, grumpy cat.

12. Can we go now?


13. When you said I can go for a swim, I didn’t realize you meant your bathtub.

Is this what I waited all day for? Not happy. Not happy at all.

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