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    Vajra Release "Pleroma"

    Eastern and Western sounds blend for electronic rock band, Vajra.

    New York based Vajra released "Pleroma" this past June, an album infused with progressive rock and Eastern Indian sounds. Vajra's arrangements and vocals paint the album in a dark, ethereal mood by utilizing whispers, chants and instrumentals heavy with percussion and midi electronics. The result of "Pleroma" is a mixed sound of Eastern and Western influence.

    Check their video here Inside The Flame

    Annamaria Pinna is the writer and vocalist of Vajra, who directs the band based on a heavy influence from Fever Ray, Tool and Azam Ali. Pinna utilizes the appropriate industry members, recruiting Sylvia Massey (Tool) to co-produce and mix "Pleroma" and Tim Baker (NIN) to master the final product. Massey and Baker help keep the vibe focused with the haunting rock feel found in Tool and NIN tracks. However Pinna utilizes electronics and improvised percussion bringing the progressive sound found in Fever Ray.

    In "Pleroma", the band does an excellent job of creating dark music with perfectly themed videos. The group is avant garde but not in a distracting way. Unlike many "out-there" bands who sacrifice their sound for shock value, Vajra is different with a vibe that never feels forced or artificial. To discover upcoming tour dates or additional information visit Vajra website. You can also follow them on twitter or check out live streaming links.