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16 Reasons Being Gluten-Free ISN'T Great

Often, it's not a choice. So stop giving us a hard time.

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1. When you do eat something with gluten, you could easily pass as pregnant.


It doesn't matter how fit, ripped, or shredded you are: your stomach swells faster than you can finish eating whatever it is you're eating

11. You have to somehow let the waiter know you can't eat half the menu, and hope they don't spit in your food because of all your specific requests


(This is how you imagine the chefs and waiters approaching your specific eating requirements)

14. You can go your whole life eating gluten, only to discover later that you are allergic and experiencing other medical issues because of it


People do not understand that, even if you go the majority of your life eating gluten, you CAN STILL BE ALLERGIC!

Some things that gluten can exacerbate if you are allergic to it:

1. Alzheimers

2. Depression

3. Epilepsy

4. Your thyroid

5. Arthritis


Don't worry, the support groups are growing everyday.


And places like Whole Foods are rapidly expanding their GF sections. The cook book recipes are getting better, and we are starting to figure it all out.

Plus, I still love you

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