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The Truth Behind 3D Printers

People have been hyped up about these devices for ages - with good reason.

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What's the big deal?

OK, so just recently 3D printers have been made available to the general public for everyday use. I did a bit of hunting and found one for about $1500 online. That's expensive, and not every person could afford that. But it just might be worth it. Read on ...

What's the idea behind them?


Most of these printers have "ink" made from plastic which makes it possible to create small toys, iPhone skins, or other objects, like the miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower shown above.

Now, here's why it's cool:

Via Yves Herman / Reuters

With these machines you could make anything. For example, the person above lost parts of his face. Scientists & doctors collaborated to create for him a very realistic piece that he can wear to make his injuries virtually unnoticeable.

But it doesn't end there.


With these printers being able to create extremely complex shapes, and with it being so small, if distributed it could be put to good use. For example, designs for artificial limbs (like the one above) could be made public, and many people in developing countries could now find it more affordable to acquire an artificial limb - and easier.

Now, what if we changed the ink to something else?

Companies are way ahead of you.

Printing meds & vaccines.


If we changed the material ("ink") that is available for the 3D Printer to use, we could make practically anything, even medications and vaccines. All that you have to do is download the design, acquire the ink, and at the push of a button you have everything you need - from painkillers to antibiotics to vaccines. Again, this could be very useful in countries like those in Africa where access to medical care is scarce.

Wait, it gets even better.


Say you wake up and you find breakfast ready for you? Only, it was printed. That's right. People have predicted that in the future all of your home's appliances could be connected. That means that when your alarm clock goes off in the morning it will not only beep, it will also send a message to your printer to create for you a delicious and hot breakfast. The best part: it's completely non-labour intensive.

Hold on a second. I know what your thinking.


Were you saying to yourself "Yeah, maybe in a hundred-bazillion years!!"

Well, you would be mistaken. 3D Printers are already here. And, many of the creations listed above have been successfully attempted. Google is even rumored to have a printer that could make pasta for it's employees.

The Conclusion:

Sit down, print yourself a snack, and relax, because the future is here, and it looks good.

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