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The 18 Coolest Things You Can Buy On The Internet Right Now

If you haven't seen these things, you simply haven't lived.

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1. Savannah Coasters

2. This Stamp

3. S & P Chemistry Flasks

4. This shelf

5. A recliner as awesome as this

6. A better way to organize paper clips

7. An educational book that's fun to read

8. This T-Shirt

9. Or this one

10. This is the best security system EVER.

11. A better way to tell time

12. This cool spoon

13. You've got to be kidding me.


15. OK, this just might be better than #11.

16. A motivational notebook

17. This sleek, straight-to-the-point calendar.

18. Decor genius.

Author's note: YOU CAN BUY THIS STUFF!! To do so, simply go to and all this stuff will be there, along with more mind boggling awesomeness!! Also, thanks to everyone in The Fancy community for uploading this stuff.

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