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A Normal Day In The Life Of Me

A story told through GIFs.

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First thing in the morning my alarm clock shrieks it's terrible cry.

So I get up. Sometimes it's hard, I won't lie.

Then it's time to get all spruced up.

I take a shower.

Have a cup of coffee.

Then I drive to work.

As per usual, traffic sucks.

Finally, I arrive at work. My coworkers are always excited to see me.

The clock ticks. I've been pencil pushing for hours ...

Finally, my shift is over!! I get excited every time.

Then I wonder to myself, "What shall I do on this fine evening?"

Should I go clubbing?

Should I go for an awesome dinner?

Should I get some exercise?

Then I realize something.

The only thing I want to do right now is SLEEP.

So I slip on some pajamas.

And I sleep.

- fin -

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