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    15 Reasons Carl Gallagher Is Actually The Shit

    Carl for the win!

    1. First, let's just look at this glo up:

    2. He asks the important questions.

    3. Another perfect example:

    4. He's not afraid to speak his mind.

    5. He takes zero shit.

    6. He knows his rights.

    7. He handles constructive criticism well.

    8. He has some serious wisdom.

    9. Again, no shit taken.

    10. Oh, and remember that time he literally bought the house for the family?

    11. Because he's an entrepreneur.

    12. And then he pulled off cornrows.

    13. He can give a compliment.

    14. And he always puts family first.

    15. But knows they can also be flawed.

    Never change, Carl.

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