James Franco The Great And Powerful

Proof that James Franco is not of this earth and we love that he is not.

1. “This is how my planet interprets Gotye”

2. “This is how I stay in touch with my homies back home”

3. “I like to show the humans how fabulous I can be”

4. “Sometimes I study rap videos”

5. “I got the hang of it now”

6. “I admire your women a lot.”

7. I like how some human women have a big…”

8. “This planet of yours is stressful”

9. “Sometimes I need a break”

10. “I look at my planet for strength”

11. “Then I am back to my normal self”

12. “I have learned that I am a fan of your mustaches”

13. “Your goatees”

15. “Sometimes I forget I am on your planet”

16. “But then I snap out of it”

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