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    15 Reasons Jean-Ralphio From "Parks & Recreation" Is An Awesome Human Being

    ♪ He's the greatesssssttttttt ♪

    1. He gives fantastic advice.

    2. He is always ready to make a rap out of your name.

    3. Always makes sure to cheer his friends up.

    4. Not afraid to show his sensitive side.

    5. He's uplifiting.

    6. He is passionate about the art of dance.

    7. Well known philanthropist.

    8. Always has a solution.

    9. Nothing brings him down.

    10. He is grateful for what he has.

    11. Not afraid to be open and truthful.

    12. You can count on him.

    13. Admits his mistakes.

    14. Whatever the situation, his joy of music never extinguishes.

    I'm serious...

    It never does.

    15. Loves and respects the female body.

    It's clear we should all strive to be more like Jean-Ralphio.

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