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    The 9 Funniest Episodes Of "Friends" Definitively Ranked From "Okay" To "Iconic"

    The one with the super correct ranking.

    9. "The One With Ross's Wedding: Part 2"

    Ross and Emily stand together in front of a preacher on their wedding day.

    8. "The One Where Joey Speaks French"

    Joey and Phoebe sit on the orange couch of the Central Perk coffee shop.

    7. "The One With Princess Consuela"

    Mike smiles at Phoebe who grins at someone off screen at the Central Perk coffee shop.

    6. "The One Where Paul's the Man"

    Paul and Rachel sits on the couch with his hand on her knee and her holding a drink.

    5. "The One With Ross's Tan"

    Ross holds up his shirt to show his darkly tanned front torso and face while his back is starkly white.

    4. "The One With Ross's Teeth"

    A close up shot of Ross who is showing off his blindly white teeth.

    3. "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"

    Phoebe, wearing an orange fuzzy long jacket, is mid scream.

    2. "The One-Hundredth"

    Rachel, Monica, and Chandler stand together with their mouths open in shock.

    1. And finally, "The One With the Red Sweater"

    Joey sits at the kitchen table while pointing an index finger behind him and his mouth open in shock.