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    The 9 Funniest Episodes Of "Friends" Definitively Ranked From "Okay" To "Iconic"

    The one with the super correct ranking.

    9. "The One With Ross's Wedding: Part 2"

    Ross and Emily stand together in front of a preacher on their wedding day.

    Seeing Chandler in bed with Monica was one of the most shocking yet best scenes in all of Friends. It was so unexpected, but they make a great couple. And every time they try to sneak off after the failed wedding, something happens to prevent them from doing it again. There's a tour of the wine cellar, Rachel won't stop talking about why Ross said her name, Joey has to talk to Chandler on the plane when he and Monica agree to meet in the bathroom. It's all so hilarious.

    Best quotes: "I'm sorry, can I interrupt? I just want to say that you are a horrible, horrible person."

    "And by the way, it seems to be perfectly clear that you guys were on a break."

    "I Ross take thee Rachel."

    8. "The One Where Joey Speaks French"

    Joey and Phoebe sit on the orange couch of the Central Perk coffee shop.

    In this episode, not only does Joey convince Phoebe to try to teach him French, but Monica and Chandler are convinced that their child's father is a murderer. Also, fun fact, Lisa Kudrow's husband is from France.

    Best quotes: "Mi poo poo."

    "Honey, it's us. Of course it's the shovel killer."

    7. "The One With Princess Consuela"

    Mike smiles at Phoebe who grins at someone off screen at the Central Perk coffee shop.

    In my opinion, Phoebe and Mike have the best relationship on the show, and it's criminally underrated. The way that they make each other call them by their "new names" proves this. Who else would introduce themselves as Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Crap Bag?

    Best quotes: "You're a strange kind of grown-up."

    "If you need an easy way to remember it, think of a bag of crap."

    6. "The One Where Paul's the Man"

    Paul and Rachel sits on the couch with his hand on her knee and her holding a drink.

    Just having Bruce Willis in an episode is cool enough, but watching him hype himself up in the mirror?? Amazing! Although I still think it would have been funny if the guys said something about him looking like "the guy from Die Hard."

    And, don't forget that the girls went to a museum where Monica put down her and Chandler's names for the wedding venue before even getting engaged.

    Best quotes: "I'm just a love machine!"

    "With a regular guy it's bad. With Chandler, oh dear God."

    5. "The One With Ross's Tan"

    Ross holds up his shirt to show his darkly tanned front torso and face while his back is starkly white.

    It seems like no matter what, Ross cannot stay out of trouble. He sees Monica's spray tan and decides that he wants one too. The problem is when he starts counting. "One Mississippi, two Mississippi..."

    And while this is happening, Phoebe and Monica are trying to avoid their old friend, Amanda.

    Best quotes: "Mississippilessly?"

    "You got two more twos?" "I'm an eight!"

    4. "The One With Ross's Teeth"

    A close up shot of Ross who is showing off his blindly white teeth.

    Again, Ross can't seem to catch a break. He has an extremely dark spray tan one day and extremely white teeth another. Just in time for his date, who just happens to have blacklights all over her apartment. I think it's safe to say that they did not have a second date.

    Best quotes: "No! Demon! Demon!"

    "Ooh, are you setting up Ross with someone? Does she have a wedding dress?"

    "What's the matter with me? You've got a blacklight. It's 1999!"

    3. "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"

    Phoebe, wearing an orange fuzzy long jacket, is mid scream.

    After having a mental breakdown, Ross then finds out that his best friend, Chandler, is sleeping with his little sister, Monica. He finds out while his old boss is checking on him to see if he is stable enough to come back to work. Talk about bad timing. I'm not sure what's funnier — Phoebe's reaction and then trying to hide it from Ross or Ross's reaction. Or when Phoebe and Chandler try to fake seduce each other to see who will make the other crack first.

    Best quotes: "Chandler and Monica! Chandler and Monica! My eyes! My eyes!"

    "I know, and Joey knows, but Ross doesn't know, so you have to stop screaming!"

    "Oh my God. He wants me to come over and feel his bicep and more!"

    "No! No! What are you doing? Get off my sister!"

    2. "The One-Hundredth"

    Rachel, Monica, and Chandler stand together with their mouths open in shock.

    Phoebe realizes that she has to push out three babies and her doctor can only talk about his love for Fonzie. Yeah, I wouldn't want that labor story either. Although the funniest person in this episode has to be Frank Jr. From seeing Frank Jr. Jr. for the first time to finding out Chandler is a girl, this is an emotional yet still funny episode.

    Best quotes: "Chandler's a girl! Chandler's a girl!"

    "Why are you defending him? Just get me another doctor who is not crazy and does not think he is Fonzie."

    "Three babies are a handful. Maybe they're looking for a chance to unload one. I hate to miss an opportunity just because I didn't ask."

    1. And finally, "The One With the Red Sweater"

    Joey sits at the kitchen table while pointing an index finger behind him and his mouth open in shock.

    This has to be my number one favorite episode of Friends. The main reason is Joey's reaction. It always takes him a little bit longer than the rest of the group to realize something, but when he does, it's worth the wait. He finds the red sweater of the guy that Rachel slept with about a month ago (the night that Emma was conceived.) And of course it belongs to.... Ross! This episode also proves that Monica and Chandler are a great couple. "You kissed another woman?" "You opened all of our wedding gifts without me?" "Call it even?" "Okay!" Just watch this episode, it's all quote-worthy.

    Best quotes: "Hey, my red sweater. I've been looking for this for like a month!" Monica and Phoebe: "Oh my God!"

    Joey, ten seconds later, "Oh my God!"

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