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One User, 11,994 Videos Of Insanity

A very strange find regarding a Russian lady who has uploaded just about 11,994 videos of her ranting about complete nonsense...Its pretty unsettling. Here are some samples of the 11,994 videos. The titles and descriptions are straight from the videos. She has so many videos that it crashes our browsers to attempt to scroll through her uploads.

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  • 1. korean plane crashatmyflyvideops cauysestoning ofblindeye which..see

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  • 2. barbie needs man endurance and skills not be removed females

    attn."MY VIDEO IRAN WILL START WAR FIRST"is not passing to youtube and through yahoo.Matpheus Passionen.look videos on this theme much later.i am in isolation. sport report survive under enforcible drugs of islamic occupation they hang on me man skills to endure costant mankind overload by which they count to break and eliminate me using my female sex .we need more martial arts than balley. *this record is disputing now by islaistic occupatnts,suteneurs located everywhere arond,and scientology who immedeately at moment of sending before pushing the button switch on sygnalyzation at 1 a.m.,-they forbide to me my body ,talent and survivle.

  • 3. P1060342

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  • 4. P1060407


  • 5. P1060080


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