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16 Awesome Stadium Foods

Funnel cake corndogs? Burgers on deep fried donut buns? Hotdogs covered in a pound of cheese? We've compiled a list of some of the crazier offerings from various stadiums. (Via AwesomeRobo!)

  • 1. Baltimore Orioles Birdland Dog

    As over the top as it gets, this hotdog is covered with charcoal grilled beef, potato hash, pepperoni, onion rings and tomato relish. This Hotdog is about 3 courses in one.

  • 2. Cincinatti Reds Cheese Coney

    A hotdog covered in special chili, a truckload of cheddar cheese, onions and mustard. My arteries are hardening at the sight of this delicious monster.

  • 3. Cleveland Indians Buffalo Mac And Cheese

    The touch of Buffalo chicken elevates this to something nearly gourmet in comparison to other stadium foods.

  • 4. Colorado Rockies Rocky Mountain Oysters

    This wins from a purely exotic standpoint. In case you didnt know what these nuggets of deep fried joy are, they are battered and deep fried bulls balls.

  • 5. Florida Marlins Paella

    This Spanish rice and seafood dish is probably one of the last dishes youd expect to be served at a ball game. Though super delicious, I have a hard time picturing someone eating this comfortably in a stadium seat.

  • 6. Detroit Lions Victory Knot

    This is a behemoth 2 pound soft pretzel with three sauces covering all the flavor bases. Beer Cheese, spicy mustard and sweet cream cheese.

  • 7. Illinois Gateway Grizzlies Luther Burger

    Despite being in a minor league, these guys take their stadium food seriously, serving a gut bending offering of a thick bacon cheeseburger encased in a Krispy Kreme donut bun. Far and wide this is considered to be Baseballs Best Burger

  • 8. Memphis Redbirds BBQ Nachos

    This signature item has helped the team secure a smattering of awards for the best concession. Take nachos, throw in some pulled pork shoulder, cheese and spices..and youve got an award winner.

  • 9. Northwest Arkansas Naturals Funnel Dogs

    The Naturals took two ballpark stables and frankensteined them together, creating this sweet and savory deep fried corndog substitute&And its covered in powdered sugar to boot. Oh god.

  • 10. Philadelphia Phillies The Schmitter

    It makes sense that the home of the Philly cheesesteak would want a kicked up version sold at their home stadium. In addition to ribeye, cheese, and onions, theres also tomatoes, salami (!), and a special sauce.

  • 11. Pittsburgh Pirates Primanti Brothers Sandwich

    Served at PNC Park is the famous Primanti Brothers sandwich. Your choice of meats and veggies consists of this thick sandwich, and is also always topped with French fries, coleslaw, and tomatoes.

  • 12. San Francisco Giants Cha Cha Bowl

    San Francisco is known for its food, so it makes sense that one of the dishes served at AT&T Park would be more involved than your standard fare hot dog. The Cha Cha Bowl consists of shredded pork, rice, beans, and pineapple zucchini salad. Its vibrant, and rather healthy compared to the usual stadium offerings.

  • 13. Seattle Mariners Garlic Fries

    This item is incredibly popular at the Seattle mariners field, and its pretty common to smell the garlic wafting from rows away. The piping hot fries are served sprinkled with garlic and parsley.

  • 14. St. Louis Cardinals Portobello Fries and Toasted Ravioli

  • 15.

    Regular ravioli would be a tricky dish to serve at a game. But once toasted, they make the perfect finger (and marinara dipping) food. As well as the ravioli, they server another fried finger food: The Portobello fries are coated in Italian breadcrumbs and Romano cheese. Served with a lemon garlic aioli dipping sauce.

  • 16. West Michigan Whitecaps Fifth Third Burger

    This is not a hamburger. This is an artery hardening monster consisting of 5 1/3 pound burgers, salsa, chili, chips, and cheese all stuffed into a massive bun. At 5,000 calories and a $20 price tag, this burger is not messing around. Did you like our list? Give us a like on Facebook! :)

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