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10 Junk Foods Brought To Life

You'll never look at those Mozzarella sticks the same way again. An awesome series by our friend, John Thacker. (Via!)

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  • 1. Chili Doug

  • 2. Breakfast Bill

  • 3. Chick'n Cheese

  • 4. The RiBrothers

  • 5. Pieburt

  • 6. Goldy

  • 7. Mr. Quadburg

  • 8. Clambolo

  • 9. Salty Sam

  • 10. Hamburger Joe

    This series was created after one of the editors of AwesomeRobo had a nightmare which involved a Frankenstein burger known as "Hamburger Joe." Leave a comment for the creator here if you liked it! :)


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