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20 Reasons Your Life Is Just Like "Regular Show"

Rigby, Mordecai, Benson, Pops, Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, Skips, and you.

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1. This is you. This is also Regular Show. (They're the same thing.)

2. Again, you.


3. Like the characters on Regular Show, you do this instead of swearing sometimes.


4. Sometimes you make rash, regrattable decisions without consulting your friends first.

5. You've got a way with words. (An awkward way.)

6. And when you get worked up, you start just making up new words. (And they usually rhyme.)

7. You've got a special connection with music. (A one-way connection.)


8. The closest you've ever gotten to a fight is threatening to hambone somebody.

9. You know this taste all too well.

10. Six bags isn't enough. Six bags is never enough.

11. You know there's no better way to punctuate a sick burn.

12. And you know exactly how to deal with haters.

13. You've literally never cleaned behind your fridge. You've never even thought about it.

14. You know that no donut would ever be described as "whole wheat." People need to educate themselves.

15. Typical reaction when you lose at a video game:

16. There's no amount of effort too small.

17. And any amount of focus is too much.

18. You know that nothing can stop a great "my mom" joke.

19. You hate it when someone tells you to "just be yourself."

20. Always your first instinct when someone hands you a hose. Always.

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