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27 Unintentionally Sexual Church Signs

Whoa! I gotta start going to church again!

1. Seems a little raunchy for a man of the cloth, but OK...

2. Jesus likes it when you're naughty.

3. You want to go to Heaven, don't you?

4. Sure. What's this have to do with church again?

5. If you know what I mean. (I mean oral sex.)

6. That's one way to get it up.

7. So...you want to me to have sex at church?

8. Perv.

9. Jesus Loves Dat Ass.

10. God loves it when that big booty claps.

11. C'mon, First Lutheran... You had to know that meant something else.

12. *Nervously unbuckles pants.

13. Do you actually want me to count?

14. Last time I did that I got some pretty nasty chafing burns.

15. You know what else is a good lubricant? Lubricant.

16. Open your private door to god.

17. Amen!

18. Delicious, delicious jams.

19. Oh, I know. I figured that out when I was 12.

20. Gotta be a better way to say that.

21. I'm flattered?

22. I haven't gotten to this point in the relationship with my friends, I guess.

23. I didn't know that had a name.

24. Still got it.

25. That's what she said.

26. If you're into that.

27. Hey, Third Presbyterian. Peter is another word for penis.