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21 Reasons You Should De-Friend Your Parents

Oh my god, mom. Stop.

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1. They still haven't figured out how the copy/paste feature works on their phone.

2. They're perfectly happy to publicly shame you.

3. Or embarrassing you.

4. They still fall for Onion articles.

5. They like pages like Womens "wank bank."

6. They comment of every status update.

7. Every time.

8. Their don't understand why their band name is so funny.

9. You can't make "your mom" jokes anymore.

10. They have conversations like this:

11. They don't appreciate your poetry.

12. They point out the poop in your artistic profile shots.

13. Instead of screenshots, they post scans of their phones:

14. They don't understand why the man at Facebook keeps asking what they're up to.

15. They don't understand your crazy internet lingo.

16. They need cheat sheets for emoticons.

17. They tell people about the thing they said they'd never tell people about.

18. Their timelines are full of photos like this:

19. Or this:

20. They're buzzkills.

21. Their jokes:

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