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24 Unexpectedly Awesome Lego Creations

Not every LEGO creation needs to follow the manual. Sometimes not doing things by the book can lead to some pretty incredible builds.

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1. The RV from Breaking Bad

2. Freddie Mercury

3. Sad Keanu

4. A vintage Polaroid camera

That actually ejects a photo!

5. A Mac Classic with a card slot

6. Stephen Hawking

7. A tiny UFO destroying a tiny White House

8. A piranha plant from Super Mario Bros.

9. A 2001: A Space Odyssey diorama that doubles as an iPhone charging station.

10. Daft Punk

11. The movie poster for Akira

12. A handy way to keep track of your keys.

13. The lunar landing

14. The cast of Reservoir Dogs

15. A working 3D Settlers of Catan set

16. Tony Stark's arc reactor from Iron Man

17. LEGO's official business cards

18. Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor

19. This stylish hermit crab's new shell

20. The hallway fight scene from Inception

21. A tiny deer head hunting trophy

22. The Curiosity Mars rover

23. A giant squid attacking a Star Destroyer

24. The ED-209 from RoboCop

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