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15 Celebs That Look Totally Normal Flipped Upside-Down

Such a minor change. Such a major nightmare.

Just a bunch of normal-looking celeb photos that happen to be the wrong way around, right? Definitely DO NOT look at this post with your phone flipped upside down though...

1. Adele looking beautiful and absolutely normal:

#2. Adele. (@adele) (Turn your phone upside down)

2. Just a pic of Nicki Minaj, and not some sort of upsetting nightmare:

#3. Nicki Minaj. (@NICKIMINAJ) (Turn your phone upside down)

3. Angelina looking radiant and in no way like some sort of demon:

@HollandTaylor how does this make you feel? (Turn your phone upside down)

4. A totally normal Aaron Carter:

#1. Aaron Carter. @aaroncarter (Turn your phone upside down)

5. Nothing wrong with this photo of Noah Cyrus:

#4. Noah Cyrus. (@noahcyrus) (Turn your phone upside down)

6. Even Miley is getting in on the craze with this perfectly reasonable photo of herself on Instagram:

Upside Down. Edited by miley herself. Hahaha!! Ang astig lang kapag binaligtad.

7. Looking great, Hillary:

#5. Hillary Clinton. (@HillaryClinton) (Turn your phone upside down)

8. Niall looking like his usual heartthrob self:

I dare you to turn your phone upside down#EMABiggestFans1D

9. Just a totally standard photo of Justin for all the Beliebers out there:

Turn your phone upside down. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #VoteBeliebersUK #KCA

10. Here's an ordinary photo of Demi Lovato, and not some twisted crime against nature:


11. And Tori Kelly looking like her usual, typical self:


12. Harry Styles has never been captured so honestly before:

Turn your phone upside down... #MTVStars One Direction #VideoMTV2015

13. Loved Dylan O'Brien in The Maze Runner! It'd be a shame if anything happened to that handsome face of his:

Seem normal ? Turn your phone upside down πŸ˜… Dylan O'brien FanZ 😘

14. I'm sure the 5SOS fans will love this shot of Luke:

Holy frickle frackle!!!!😱😱 Flip ur phone upside down!πŸ˜‚ #lukehemmings #LukeHelpUsWereThirsty #lukeishot

15. And this? Now this is a truly great shot of Ariana Grande. Simply stunning: