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27 Tumblr Responses That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

About 0.4% of the world's population has a genius level IQ of 140 or better. Every single one of them is on Tumblr.

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1. Someone get Webster's on the phone.

2. Man, I'd be PISSED.


3. I see what you did there.

4. Great approach. Sure to turn heads.

5. Warning: While this does work, it's not recommended.

6. A couple who dines at Taco Bell together stays together.

7. I'm a Doritosexual.

8. How else would you get in and out?

9. Whoa. Slow down, Magellan.

10. Oh, I LOVE back. His posts are great.

11. Those box sets are expensive. Why would you just give it away like that?

12. I didn't get this at first, but then it just hit me.

13. Asking for a friend.

14. Didn't you learn anything from Lion King? Hakuna matata, anon. Hakuna matata.

15. Wait, that counts? My record is WAY better than I thought then.


16. Is that a Photoshop?! I can't even tell.

17. Ask and ye shall receive.


19. Don't do it! That cereal has so much to live for!

20. Actually, avoid the drink with a lot of high-fructose corn syrup.

21. Good luck! Have fun entering womanhood!


22. Also, get off Tumblr and go back to 5th grade.

23. Such a cute couple.

24. Rot in hell, shelf.

25. #humblebrag.

26. Bring a book. A short one.

27. Anon stands corrected.

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