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    The 27 Greatest Comments From Ken M

    How can Ken M be so misinformed so often? The world may never know. (via Horsey Surprise.)

    1. The time he reminded us to be a little less normative:

    2. The time he found new revenue streams for Chunky Cheese:

    3. The time he managed to get meatballs, asteroids, and politics into the same comment:

    4. The time he put those lazy robots in their place:

    5. The time we caught up with his grandson:

    6. The time he recommended eating the whole potato – shell and all:

    7. The time he asked for a moment of silence for our fallen donuts:

    8. The time he called an orangutan a MILF:

    9. The time he had a lot of questions about his peanut sauce:

    10. The time he ran the people on Jimmy Dean's social media team through the gauntlet:

    11. The time he was worried his group was too small:

    12. The time he honored the warriors of Terra Cotta:

    13. The time he single-handedly eliminated child pornography:

    14. The time he made himself a little pasta:

    15. The time he had a few grammer tips to:

    16. The time he blew his own mind:

    17. The time he solved poverty:

    18. The time he put chicken homophobes in their place:

    19. The time he stood up for the working man:

    20. The time he wanted to share his son's success story with the world:

    21. The time he met VHS star, Harrison Ford:

    22. The time we all celebrated a daring rescue attempt together:

    23. The time his deep knowledge about testicles helped him spot a fake:

    24. The time he channeled Robin Hood, but in reverse:

    25. The time he got out from under Big Bacon's thumb:

    26. The time he did all of Jimmy Dean's marketing for him:

    27. The time he mixed up g-chat and the Yahoo News comment section. Easy mistake to make: