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36 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too

You're a very strange person. Just like everyone else.

1. On a road trip, you start to think of the other cars as your travel companions, and feel a tinge of sadness when you exit the highway.

2. You still unconsciously think of the '90s as being 10 years ago.

3. You immediately go back and read an email right after you hit send.

4. You'd rather take an inferior parking spot and walk than stress yourself out looking for the perfect spot.

5. When you take a shower, you make a bucket with your arms to catch as much water as you can and splash it all onto the shower floor.

6. Long phone call = pacing around the entire house.

7. You procrastinate when getting into the shower, but hate getting out once you're in.

8. You spell out Wednesday like Wed-nes-day in your head when you're writing it. Also Feb-ru-ary.

9. You get lost in thought while reading, but don't notice until you're three pages past where you stopped paying attention.

10. When you're in a store where you're not planning on buying anything, you start to get paranoid that security thinks you're a shoplifter.

11. You need a fan blowing on you as you sleep because you like being buried under covers.

12. There's something about the impending feeling before a big storm that makes you feel alive.

13. You rehearse arguments in your head, just in case it should ever come up.

14. You set your alarm earlier than you need to so you can hit the snooze button several times.

15. You have to find the perfect TV show to watch before you can eat any food you've prepared for yourself.

16. You always feel weird saying your name out loud.

17. You listen to a song on repeat just to memorize the tricky sections in case it comes on around friends.

18. You always feel relieved when you get home and nobody else is there.

19. You sometimes stop the microwave with just one second left so you can pretend you're defusing a time bomb.

20. You're way more depressed by Sunday nights than Monday mornings.

21. You smile at dogs when they walk past without acknowledging their owners.

22. Sometimes you check *just one more time* to make sure you can't actually move things with your mind.

23. You start reading interesting things on the internet and just stop a third of the way through because you lose patience.

24. You need to check behind the shower curtain every time you go in the bathroom.

25. And weirdly you still need to double-check that there's no one behind you even when you're looking in the bathroom mirror.

26. You OFTEN feel phantom phone vibrations in your pocket even when your phone didn't vibrate.

27. You get nervous about making small talk with hairdressers.

28. You wipe your cell phone screen to make all the smudge marks go in the same direction.

29. You put your music on shuffle, but then skip songs until you find the one you want anyway.

30. You sometimes talk to people as if they already had the context of what was going on inside your head.

31. You feel guilty that you're not helping when a repair guy is fixing something in your house.

32. You immediately forget someone's name right after they've introduced themselves.

33. You hate it when books are adapted into movies, and they start using images from the movie as the cover of the book.

34. You refuse to accept "jif" as the proper pronunciation of GIF.

35. You catch yourself wondering how many random people have photos with you in the background.

36. You feel sympathy for inanimate objects when they're underused or discarded.