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32 Things You Always Believed That Simply Aren't True

This changes everything! Well, some things.

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3. It's not actually harmful to pick up baby birds and return them to their nests, and it will not cause their mother to reject them.

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Birds don't really have a very powerful sense of smell, and they probably wouldn't be able to tell if a human handled their babies.


5. There are not different areas of the tongue dedicated to different tastes. Every taste can be detected on every part of the tongue.

Also, there aren't just four primary tastes, there are five. In addition to bitter, sour, salty, and sweet, humans can taste umami, which is a savory or meaty taste.


10. It's never actually stated that the forbidden fruit mentioned in the Bible is an apple. Some claim that it was more likely a fig or pomegranate.

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The apple was thought to be the forbidden fruit because of an early pun between the Latin words for "evil" and "apple."


13. The Earth doesn't revolve around the Sun. It's actually revolving around the solar system's center of mass.

The center of mass in the solar system is called the Barycenter. Usually it's contained within the mass of the sun, but not always. When it's outside the mass of the sun, the Earth is just orbiting around empty space.

14. Not everyone in Columbus' time thought the world was flat.

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Scholars and educated people knew the world was round. In fact, Columbus underestimated the size of the world. If he hadn't come across the "West Indies," he and his shipmates would have starved to death.


19. "420" is not the LAPD code for marijuana use.

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Los Angeles Police Code 420 is code for "juvenile disturbance." Its also not the penal code. California Penal Code section 420 "prohibits the obstruction of access to public land."


22. Mussolini didn't actually make the trains run on time.

The trains in Italy were in really rough shape after WWI, and the government before Mussolini made a ton of improvements. After Mussolini rose to power, the trains went back to being a disaster.


27. Life expectancy wasn't actually in the thirties during the MiddIe Ages.

Life expectancy in the Middle Ages was lower, but that's because the average age was pulled down by a high infant mortality rate. If you survived to adulthood in medieval England, you could expect to live into your sixties.


32. The Coriolis effect does not actually make water rotate in different directions while flushing toilets and draining bathtubs.

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It is a thing, but it's too weak to affect draining water. Despite popular belief, hemisphere you're in doesn't actually change the direction water drains in.

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