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19 Things America, Canada, And The U.K. Cannot Agree On

Three countries with so much in common that can't agree on anything.

1. Chip flavors:

2. What we do with our fries:

3. What we put on toast:

4. How we handle ourselves when we've been drinking:

5. When we allow nudity on TV:

6. How often we say we're sorry:

7. Candy selection:

8. Opinions about the French:

9. How we measure distance:

10. How we transport our milk:

11. How we use the word "pie":

12. What we call athletic shoes:

13. What we call people we don't like:

14. Our favorite cut of bacon:

15. Favorite sport:

16. What we think the others should call football/soccer:

17. What we do with guns:

18. How we park:

19. What we consider landmarks: