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Updated on Jul 5, 2020. Posted on Feb 26, 2014

19 Things America, Canada, And The U.K. Cannot Agree On

Three countries with so much in common that can't agree on anything.

1. Chip flavors:

2. What we do with our fries:

3. What we put on toast:

4. How we handle ourselves when we've been drinking:

5. When we allow nudity on TV:

6. How often we say we're sorry:

7. Candy selection:

8. Opinions about the French:

9. How we measure distance:

10. How we transport our milk:

11. How we use the word "pie":

12. What we call athletic shoes:

13. What we call people we don't like:

14. Our favorite cut of bacon:

15. Favorite sport:

16. What we think the others should call football/soccer:

17. What we do with guns:

18. How we park:

19. What we consider landmarks:

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