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    The 24 Easiest Ways To Get Banned From Club Penguin

    Disney's interactive chat game, Club Penguin, is recommended for "kids ages 6 to 14." Apparently kids ages 6 to 14 don't know how to have any f***ing fun.

    1. Cannibalism:

    2. Making advances on a minor:

    3. Inappropriate humor:

    4. Inappropriate humor AND making advances on a minor:

    5. And because nobody gets your humor:

    6. Your spidey sense was too accurate:

    7. Pointing out the difference between a pizza and a milkshake:

    8. What honestly seemed like pretty subtle innuendo:

    9. Asking racists where they shop:

    10. Just trying to make a little money:

    11. Singing your favorite ICP songs:

    12. Feminism:

    13. Commenting on the number of purple penguins:

    14. Blowing a secret agent's cover:

    15. Teaching kid's tough lessons:

    16. Politely asking not to be interrupted:

    17. Coming on too strong:

    18. Never Learning How To Swim:

    19. Talking about the pig orange penguin:

    20. Calling Purple on his bullshit:

    21. Naming your penguin "vagd3str0y3r":

    22. Trying to help someone who is struggling with weight issues:

    23. Calling Club Penguin a "chode fest":

    24. And of course, using the "s" word: