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Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Aug 5, 2013

The 27 Most Relatable Nick Miller Quotes

Because you too should be your own character on New Girl already.

1. When you go to push a pull door and slam into it like an idiot:


2. When you don't have any plans over the weekend:


3. When you're out with someone younger than you who keeps talking about how successful they are:

4. Then you try to convince yourself that you're doing fine for someone your age:

5. Then when you get home and have two bowls of cereal and four beers for dinner:

6. When you finally feel useful after putting together an Ikea dresser:

7. When you're trying to get out of an uncomfortable conversation:

8. When someone thinks they can relate to you about something embarrassing:

9. When you're trying to impress someone seeing your house for the first time:

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10. When somebody puts you on blast for eating with your hands:

11. When you're trying to help your friend through some hard times:

12. Then you offer to help the only way you know how:

13. Then later on in the evening, after you've had too much to drink and start thinking about your life:

14. Then when you wake up the next day and slowly start to remember everything from the night before:


15. When somebody complains about getting older:

16. When your roommate comes home and finds you in the same spot you were in when they left:

17. When your date tries to make you get up and dance at a wedding:

18. When you're underdressed for a fancy dinner:

19. When someone scoffs at what you do for a living:

20. When you see your ex spending time with someone new:

21. Then somehow getting backed into having a conversation with them:

22. Then the second they're out of earshot:

23. When you put on your "going out" shirt:

24. When you buy something new and trendy:


25. Your excuse when you're accused of being insensitive:

26. When you're trying to preempt being called insensitive:

27. When pretty much anyone tries to say pretty much anything to you:


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