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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Oct 25, 2013

The 24 Most Hipster Things That Have Ever Happened

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1. This guy riding his camel down the street:

2. This girl spinning yarn in the waiting room of a BMW service center:

3. This girl fiercely defending the fact that she's a hipster:

4. And this guy defending the entire hipster scene:

5. This guy using a spyglass to check out the scenery:

6. Everything about this guy:

7. And these guys:

8. Paying $98 for this stump:

9. This guy using a "seeing-eye person" so he can text while he walks:


(This was actually a clever mission from Improv Everywhere.)

10. Collecting an entire deck's worth of PBR caps:

11. This department at Walmart:

12. This guy's 2 x 4 skateboard:

13. This guy listening to records at a bar in London:

14. This velocipede parked outside an Apple store:

15. This rustic shovel USB drive:

16. Getting a pair of converse permanently tattooed onto your feet:

17. This guy's rotary selfie:

18. This guy listing his "Hipster iPad" on Craigslist:

19. This classic hipster prank:

20. This guy wearing tiny stocking caps on his ears:

21. Going to a party and hanging out on the fridge:

22. This tote with a really edgy triangle on it:

23. This guy who will write you a poem on his vintage typewriter:

24. And of course, Judy Funnie:

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