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    The 22 Most Beautifully Secluded Places In The World

    Warning: Looking at these photos will definitely make you start feeling a little claustrophobic.

    1. Peak District, England

    2. Qassiarsuk – Erik the Red's former farm in Greenland

    3. Benbulbin in the Dartry Mountains in Ireland

    4. Ellidaey Island, Iceland

    5. The Deer Stones of Mongolia

    6. Mount Shuksan, Washington


    8. Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan

    9. The steppes of Kazakhstan

    10. The Austrian countryside

    11. The Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan

    12. The fjords of Baffin Island

    13. Mont Saint-Michel Abbey in France

    14. Olchon Island on Lake Baikal in Russia

    15. Thimphu, Bhutan

    16. The Castles of Switzerland

    17. Crescent Lake in the Gobi Desert

    18. Meteora Monastery in Greece

    19. Halstatt, Austria

    20. Gasadalur Village in the Faroe Islands

    21. Taktsang Palphug Monastery in Bhutan

    22. The fjords of Iceland

    23. Alcazar Caste in Segovia, Spain