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The 24 Greatest Things That Could Ever Possibly Happen To You

"If you can see it, then you can do it. If you just believe it, there's nothing to it." –R. Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly

1. You could catch someone taking a selfie in a one-way mirror:

2. Your dad could wear short shorts in order to support you after your mom called your shorts "slutty":

3. You could catch a break with the IRS:

4. You could use technology to force a lazy Walmart employee to go and find you a new XBox:

5. You could run into this woman at the airport:

6. You could teach your grandma how to use her camera phone, and receive pictures like this all the time:

7. You could have someone buy you a drink in honor of his beard:

8. You could be eating this guy's lasagna:

9. You could fist-bump a chinchilla:

10. You could go to the doctor and find a guy on an acid reflux poster that looks exactly like you:

11. You could be Stephen with a PhD:

12. You could get photobombed by The Rock:

13. Or a giraffe:

14. You could be an AOL employee the day this person accidentally used your service:

15. You could break up with your girlfriend and get $50:

16. You could push the boundaries of "free dress day" at school:

17. You could have this dude clean your place after a fun night out drinking:

18. You could lose your ball in the woods and have a helpful deer bring it back:

19. Your 12-year-son could hand you $400 for no real reason and with no real explaination:

20. You could be the first one to figure out that this was an option:

21. You could wake up with a chicken leg under your pillow (only at Hyatt though):

22. You could catch someone waiting in line behind two mannequins:

23. Your dad and brother could show up to dinner wearing the exact same outfit:

24. You could get a free Gatorade from Aaron Paul:

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