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The 30 Very Best Pieces Of Fan Art Of 2013

Whether professionals or amateurs, digital artists or traditional, fans of comic books, Star Wars, Doctor Who, video games, or anything and everything else... 2013 was a fantastic year for fan art.

1. This mash-up of Akira and Pac-Man from Butcher Billy

2. The "Ukiyo-e Heroes" series by Jed Henry

3. "The Strongman Competition" by Bryan Lee

4. Humanized Disney characters from Chacckco

5. "Waiting for Homer" by Kan Muftic

6. "Disneypocalypse" by Matt Rhodes

7. The "Goodbye, my brothers..." series by DeadPea

8. "Clifford the big red dog" by sandara

9. "I Remember You" by James Hance

10. Jedi princesses by Ralph Sevelius

11. The mash-up of the Joker and Darth Maul by Justin LaRocca Hansen

12. Classic Batman villain mugshots by J.E. Mark

13. The "Little Friends" series by Darren Rawlings

14. Classic characters reimagined by Coran Stone

15. "Battle for Eternia" by Mario

16. "Arkham Daycare For The Criminally Insane" by Paul Hostetler

17. "Sugar Rush: Double Dash!!" by MasaBowser

18. "Hipster Batman" by Phillip Sevy

19. "Lightspeed" by jpzilla

20. "I Drive" by Dan Hipp

21. "Diana of Themyscira" by Rahzzah

22. "The Ice King" by Eric Ridgeway

23. A more realistic take on the Ninja Turtles by Malachi Maloney

24. "The Explorer" by KM33

25. "Unreal Estate 2" by Tim Doyle

26. "Iron Man" by Christian Nauck

27. "The Turn of the Universe" by Alice X Zhang

28. "The last of us....heh" by nebezial

29. "Legend of Zelda: Clockwork Empire" by Aaron Diaz

30. This Star Wars: Episode VII / Little Miss Sunshine mash-up by Josh Lange