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In Retrospect, That Folgers Commercial From 2009 Is Definitely About Incest

Really gives new meaning to "the best part of waking up."

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Remember this Folgers commercial from 2009? If you haven't seen it in a while, watch it again.

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It's even got it's own special tag – "Folgercest."*s*Sister%20(Folgers%20Commercial)/works

Here's a passage from the best one, titled "Sinners, Saints and Thieves":

"Here." Holding the cup in one hand, he reached into his knapsack with the other and presented her with the gift he'd bought in Accra and wrapped in the airport while he was waiting for his flight. "I brought you something from far away."

Jesus, Josh, you did not just say—

But her eyes lit up, and she didn't even tease him for saying something so stupid.

"Really?" She turned the little box over in her hand. He stole just one glance at her, then focused on the cup he held.

Nicole murmured "aw," as she examined the wrapping. Just as he decided it was safe to take a sip of his coffee, just as he began to hope he could get through this Christmas without thinking things that would make him hate himself for all the rest of his life, she plucked the red bow off the box and pressed it to his shoulder.

He didn't get it; even chuckled a little, and asked "what are you doing?"

Nicole, brimming with all sincerity and a depth of affection he knew he did not deserve, said "you're my present this year," and smiled.



Shit fuck, Jesus why didn't he know any worse words than that? Because the things he was feeling right now . . . there needed to be worse words for people who felt like that.

Thank everything he did and didn't believe in, that was when Mom and Dad walked in. He almost lunged for Mom, wrapping his arms around her as much with frantic gratitude as anything else.

"Merry Christmas," he said, and Mom's happy squeal, Dad's friendly hand on his shoulder, made him feel like the absolute worst kind of worm. There's no way they'd be glad to see him if they knew what he'd been thinking about their daughter.

  1. What do you think? Is that Folgers commercial from 2009 about incest?

    Yes, definitely.
    I'm not sure.
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What do you think? Is that Folgers commercial from 2009 about incest?
  1. Yes, definitely.
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    Yes, definitely.
  2. I'm not sure.
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    I'm not sure.
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