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The 32 Absolute Worst Parts About Being Tall

Tall people are literally giants among men, walking around with near total impunity, being given every advantage along the way. But sometimes the blessing can also be a curse.

1. Every hug is awkward.

2. "I need someone tall to grab something!"

3. Low ceilings.

4. Beds are way too small.

5. Everyone hates you at shows.

6. You don't fit in foreign cars.

7. People think it's socially acceptable to jump on your back without asking.

8. Everyone expects you to be good at sports (but you're not).

9. You've never actually seen your face in a mirror before.

10. Long legs means naturally outpacing anyone you walk with.

11. The deep end of the pool always leaves something to be desired.

12. Long sleeves are never long enough.

13. And pants are always way too short.

14. People ALWAYS insist you've grown since you last saw them.

15. One size fits all never fits.

16. Everyone asks how tall you are.

17. You haven't been able to relax in a bathtub since you were 10.

18. Airplane seats are knee destroyers.

19. Your knees don't fit under your desk.

20. Everyone uses you as a beacon in crowds.

21. Getting called "Jolly Green Giant" when you wear green.

22. You can never hear people at parties.

23. You're always picked to be the goalie.

24. You always have to stand in the back of group pictures.

25. Or awkwardly crouch to get in frame.

26. "What's the weather like up there?"

27. Public transportation wasn't built for you.

28. You can't swing on swings.

29. People use you for shade or to block wind.

30. Your legs are always in the way on trains, buses, and airplanes.

31. It's always unnerving to meet people who are taller.

32. The points of open umbrellas are always right at eye level.

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