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The 34 Most Perfectly Timed Moments In Internet History

On Tumblr, there are no coincidences. Just like-minded individuals all working in perfect harmony with one another. (h/t Pleated Jeans)

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1. I know what you're planning, Nic.

2. Belle of the ball.

3. Looks like you'll be waiting a while.

4. Cockblocked.

5. Looking good, Legolas.

6. Freddie always did take everything so literally.

7. You go, kid. Dance like nobody is watching.

8. You're welcome.

9. The extended scene.

10. Run free, mighty stallion!

11. The first sign...


13. You're in luck!

14. *Frantically reblogs*

15. Relationships are hard.

16. You see the gams on Kobe.

17. Case closed.

18. Or do. Whatever.

19. Love that smile.

20. All your wishes are coming true.

21. Dashboard battle!

22. Called it.

23. JUMP! JUMP! Tumblr dash will make you... JUMP! JUMP!

24. Nobody wins.

25. Someone cares.

26. One encounter, two perspectives.

27. Kim and Kanye are impressed.

28. True love knows no boundaries.

29. Yes. Hello? It's me, Robin.

30. Do you guys know something I don't?

31. About time! ...oh.

32. No thanks.

33. Guess again.

34. Play it cool, Harry.

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