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The 30 Worst Parts About Working At McDonald’s As A Teenager

Part-time job. Lifetime of regrets.

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1. Customers who are pissed you made their food wrong, even though you’re working the register.

2. When someone pays with a metric f*** ton of change, then having to count all of it.

3. When huge families come in with massive orders… or worse yet, busses.

4. Those customers who insist their expired coupons are still good.

5. Because they “literally just used the same coupon yesterday.”

6. When someone orders a Big Mac with no Mac sauce, add ketchup, add mustard, chopped onions instead of minced onions, add mayo, no cheese, light lettuce, and no bun.

7. “Oh, and that’s a meal, by the way.”

8. Or worse, when someone orders a combo, but with no drink and no fries.

9. Every employees least favorite question: “Can I make this two separate orders?”

10. When you accidentally close the cash register without getting the customer’s change.

11. Customers who insist on going through drive thru with a broken window instead of just coming inside.

12. That time of day when the sun hits the drive thru windows just right, making it impossible to see the screen on the cash register.

13. Customers who pull up JUST out of arm’s reach at the drive thru.

14. And then you drop all of their change between the drive thru window and their car.

15. Customers who assume the drive thru microphones can pick up their inaudible library voices.

16. When you’re working the same shift as a store manager and have to be on your best behavior.

17. Trying to get in and out of the freezer as fast as possible.

18. But the box of pies you need is behind an entire truck’s worth of frozen hamburger patties.

19. When customers get more food on the table than in their mouths.

20. Then just leave it all there for you to clean up.

21. Hearing phantom beeps for the rest of your day/week/life.

22. The army of boring suburbanites who show up when shamrock shakes come back.

23. Customers who want four sauce packets for a six-piece McNugget.

24. Clearing an order from the screen before it’s ready, then immediately forgetting what the order was.

25. Going home covered in scars from burning them on literally everything behind the counter.

26. Having to clean the fry station and drop a fresh basket for that asshole who wants fries with no salt.

27. Having to wipe an inch of grease off your face after you've worked grill or at the fry station.

28. The horrifying moment you drop an entire sack of ketchup and it goes EVERYWHERE.

29. And the worse thing of all: an entire shift working fries...

30. ...and going home at the end of your shift reeking of rotten grease.

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