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24 Texts You Don't Want To Get From Your Parents

OK, which one of you told Mom and Dad about texting?

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1. Thanks, Dad.

2. Father of the year.

3. Classic prank, Mom.

4. That doesn't mean what you think it means, Mom.

5. Great, now Mom thinks you're a jerk.

6. Dadmau5


7. Hashtag nailed it.

8. Momtrapment


9. Mom's memory is starting to go.

10. Someone call the burn unit.

11. Eh, close enough.

12. Boner, Amanda...boner.

13. Sounds like Dad had a great time.

14. Mom and Dad are proud...of your travel plans.

15. inherdefenseitsactuallyreallyhardtofind

16. You know...grape jelly...for sex.

17. Stunning pic, Mom.

18. Damn auto erect.

19. Pow! Zap! Blammo!

20. The charmingly adolescent euphemism balances out the grossness of this one.

21. I guess I kinda see it?

22. No, Mom. Send help.

23. Classic dad joke.

24. Totally uncalled for, but still a pretty great burn.

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