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    25 Soothing Collections Organized By Color

    There are very few things more appealing in this world than a well-organized collection, meticulously arranged and color-coded. This is better than therapy.

    1. Household objects

    2. Ceramic dishes and pottery

    3. Bookshelf (with pug!)

    4. Glass bottles

    5. Colored Pencils

    6. Garbage found on a beach

    7. Toy cars

    8. Yarn

    9. Vinyl figurines

    10. T-shirts

    11. More books

    12. Toys and books

    13. Cars in a parking lot

    14. Toy trains

    15. Spools of thread

    16. Autumn leaves

    17. Ribbon

    18. Groceries

    19. Logos

    20. Even more books

    21. More toy cars

    22. Gourds

    23. Movie and concert tickets (pasted to a door)

    24. Bottles of soda

    25. Photographs

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