21 People Who Are Clearly Monsters

There’s a special place in hell for people who mix M&Ms and Skittles in the same candy dish.

1. Anyone who eats the cookies and LEAVES THE CREAM:

2. Receptionists who mix M&Ms with Skittles in their candy dishes:

3. Whatever sadist in the marketing department came up with this:

4. Anyone who buys unfrosted Pop-Tarts:

5. Boyfriends who step on the scale while their girlfriends are on it:

6. Co-workers who eat the center out of cinnamon buns:

7. People who just throw the shells back in with the pistachios:

8. People who open cartons of milk like this DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT HAS A CAP:

9. The store manager responsible for this:

10. People who eat all of the chocolate out of Neapolitan ice cream:

11. Anyone who squeezes a tube of toothpaste like this:

12. The guy who designed these stairs:

13. People who frost cakes with mustard:

14. Whoever trained this cat to do this:

15. This guy’s parents:

16. Your roommate who keeps stealing all the batteries out of everything and replacing them with rolls of Smarties:

17. Whoever put these posted up all over campus:

18. The product designers at Bose:

19. Moms who pack your sandwich like this:

20. People who take pictures with iPads:

21. And ANYONE who puts the roll like this:

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