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The 25 Funniest Things Ever Snapchatted

Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel. Da Vinci had the Mona Lisa. These people accomplished as much with just a cell phone and 10 seconds.

1. When this guy was the life of the party.

2. When this girl kept herself entertained during class.

3. When this girl could turn anything into a compliment.

4. When this guy did his best to find the positive.

5. When this guy's day took a real turn.

6. When this guy wasted two perfectly good Twix bars for a dumb pun.

7. When this dude had absolutely zero chill.

8. When this very mature and important businessperson went to work.

9. When this woman took pity on a lonely diner.

10. When this guy spent way too much time at Chipotle.

11. When this guy couldn't figure out why he failed the midterm.

12. When this young woman conquered her personal Everest.

13. When this woman overreacted to a bee in her car.

14. When this woman gave her self-confidence a boost.

15. When this guy desecrated a work of art.

16. When this guy didn't let a little traffic get him down.

17. When this kid managed to have the most awkward timing.

18. When this girl realized she should get out of the house and start meeting some more people.

19. When this person improved upon Shakespeare.

20. When this guy got a little too real.

21. When this girl's mom couldn't figure out why her phone wouldn't hold a charge.

22. When this kid found his most flattering angle.

23. When this anime fan got a little too into it.

24. When this guy had a real close encounter.

25. When this girl lost her mom forever.

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