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25 Signs You're Not Ready To Be A Parent

It takes a village to raise a child. Just not your village.

1. You could barely keep a Tamagotchi alive.

2. Your priorities aren't in the right place yet...and you REALLY like Ghostbusters II.

3. Admit it, this is just about the only plant you could keep alive:

4. You're really not sure how you're supposed to, like, hold one?

5. You can't help yourself when presented with this situation:

6. You're not really sure your cat would get along with a new baby.

7. You still care too much about your expensive electronics.

8. The word "poop" is still hilarious to you.

9. This seems like an acceptable dinner to you:

10. You don't have the amount of patience required to keep them from hurting themselves.

11. This seems like a really great idea to you:

12. You know that you're not quite ready for the commitment parenthood takes.

13. You still use the "Hold this! Now you're playing too!" when playing video games.

14. You don't care how much sleep a baby needs, you paid to get into the children's museum and she's going to enjoy herself, dammit.

15. You're not quite ready to give up the spotlight yet.

16. You think the only reason to have kids is because it'd be funny to have a little you running around.

17. You're not above tricking babies.

18. You haven't gotten around to moving your trampoline away from those rusty rebars yet.

19. You're into the idea of a baby, but only as an accessory.

20. You feel like this is an appropriate way to play with a child:

21. You haven't put a ton of thought into baby-proofing your place yet.

22. You're not quite ready to give up brutal snowball fights yet.

23. Let's face it: You'd probably end up doing something like this:

24. Or this:

25. Or this: