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18 Times Reverse GIFs Were The Best GIFs

Backwards is betterwards.

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1. When this cat had to get a very important fax out quickly.

2. The time you learned where all the cotton candy in the world actually comes from.

3. The time this power worker kept his cat safe on the top of this very tall pole.

4. When an adult Guy Fieri gives birth to a fresh Fieri larva.

5. The time a wheel of cheese menaced an entire village in Scotland.

6. When these helpful raccoons gave their Doritos to this woman who was down on her luck.

7. Or the time this raccoon gave up his last morsel of food to help a friend.

8. The time this guy gave up his prized bat so the game could go on.

9. The time the fire clan summoned a bridge from the very depths of Hell.

10. When this man with incredible telekinetic powers just needed a paycheck.

11. The time these Russian sailors left their dog on the ice.

12. When the world was deprived of another delicious pizza. Why did we even create a pizza unmaking machine?!

13. When the umbrellas finally rose up and struck their first blow.

14. The time a naked, flailing man erupted from the depths of the oceans and quickly escaped on an inner tube.

15. When the obsessed perfectionist couldn't stand his peanut butter bring tampered with.

16. The time Cam Newton made an instant, miraculous recovery.

17. The time the riot police sent in their secret weapon to break up a rowdy crowd.

18. And the time that dog literally inhaled all those tater tots.

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