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    17 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Dumb Face

    Yeah, I'm listening.

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    1. People constantly repeat themselves because they assume you weren’t paying attention.

    2. Or that you simply don’t understand anything they’re saying.

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    3. In their defense, it is pretty difficult to tell whether you’re zoned out or intensely focused.

    4. In fact, your face looks the same whether you’re anxious, sad, upset, bored, contemplative, indifferent, or feeling totally content.

    5. You always think you’re smiling in pictures.

    6. But you tend to stand out in group photos as the only one who didn’t get the joke.

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    7. People take your clever, sarcastic jokes literally.

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    8. Your selfie game is pretty weak, tbh.

    9. And nothing shatters your composure more than accidentally seeing yourself with your front-facing camera.

    10. Everyone constantly asks, “Are you even listening?"

    11. And people seem genuinely impressed when you correctly use a big word.

    12. Or ask an insightful question that proves you were paying attention.

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    13. You have a hard time making new friends because people assume you’re too uninteresting to carry a conversation.

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    14. But your real friends can tell the difference between your natural oaf face, and those times you genuinely have no idea what’s going on.

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    15. Your driver's license photo is your deepest shame.

    16. You accidentally catch yourself staring at people when you meant to be staring off into space.

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    17. But at least you can always rely on your Resting Oaf Face to get you out of difficult conversations.

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