24 Reasons You Are Definitely A Geek

Reason #1: You’re reading something on BuzzFeed Geeky.

Welcome to BuzzFeed Geeky, nerd!

BuzzFeed Geeky is just like BuzzFeed, but with stuff that appeals to nerds like you and me. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re going to feel right at home here. If you’re still not totally convinced you’re geek material, this post should help clear up any confusion on the matter.

1. You are proud of who you are and what you love, and you’re eager to share your interests with others.

2. You always identified with “the smart one” as a kid.


3. And you’ve got a fascination with math and other academic pursuits. Like, a bring-a-calculator-to-a-show level of fascination.

4. You’ve got a deep catalog of knowledge in your specific fandom, and have absolutely no shame about showing it off.

5. So deep that you know more about it than the people responsible for its creation.

(They actually added Falstad Wildhammer to World of Warcraft because of this guy, then made him a character in the game, so being pedantic pays.)

6. You’re really good at lateral thinking.

7. But apparently not so good at keeping track of your keys?

8. You’re a little more observant than those around you.

9. And you’ve got a keen sense of irony.

10. Math jokes actually make you laugh sometimes.

11. You love apple chinese… and you actually understand what this means.

12. You appreciate a good fantasy novel with well-developed characters.

13. You don’t mind people testing your intellect.

14. Or your knowledge of text-based adventure games.

15. And you’re not above shaming others for not being on your level.

16. You’ve been waiting for opportunities like this to come along your whole life:

17. You’ll buy anything that comes pre-packaged with an Evangelion figurine, no matter how mundane. (Or any figurine, really.)


18. You love it when the fictional world and the real world overlap (but deep down you kind of hope they’re the same thing).

19. You’ve still got muscle memory from performing the Hadouken so often in Street Fighter.

20. You appreciate that you’re a part of a venerable tradition…

21. …that you know will last far into the future.

22. And you dive into what you love without shame or restraint, be it in Minecraft


23. …or while cosplaying…

24. …or even on the most important day of your life.

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